BOOK: Restoring Relationships: a program for middle school students

59 page PDF Manual including access to video media

The Restoring Relationships resource has been designed to introduce some of the basic concepts of restorative problem-solving to middle years students, as they begin high school. If we are intent on school-wide RP  implementation, we need to educate our student body, along with parents and caregivers, about what restorative problem solving actually is and how it works. It will work best if all students in a particular cohort understand the basic principles of the restorative approach, and have an opportunity to develop a degree of conflict competence – to pull back from making snap judgements and assumptions about others, understanding what’s happening for themselves, and knowing some basics about how to have brave conversations to resolve issues. Ruptures in relationships are inevitable – repair is optional. Our hope is that they might settle quickly into the routines of problem-solving in the high school and carry these skills through until they graduate – and beyond.

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This resource is accompanied by video resources.  When you purchase the Restoring Relationships resource you will receive an email from us with a link that will allow you to set up your personal access (your own password) to the video resources that accompany the hard copy book.


  1. Setting the context and learning to work in a circle
  2. Justice as Fairness
  3. Accountability and Responsibility
  4. Concepts of Restorative Accountability
  5. Understanding what is meant by harm
  6. Making things right
  7. Making things right: the restorative process
  8. Making things right: making sense of the restorative process
  9. Understanding the Impact of the Restorative Process
  10. Understanding how justice is delivered in the wider global context
  11. Understanding me – what does this mean for my relationships at home, school and with teachers?


Restoring Relationships: a program for middle school students

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