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The following videos are part of the resources attached to the Restoring Relationships text program.
There are a number of videos that accompany Lesson 7 – choose the video that best fits the context of your school and students.


Introduction to Restoring Relationships – a program for middle school students. This is a conversation between the authors to explain WHY we need to teach students restorative thinking.

Considerations for working in Circles. This video explores the foundations of circle work. the pedagogical approach used in this program is based on circle work and it is essential that teachers are familiar with the processes before they start.

Stain on a friendship 1 – facilitator with two female students (1)

Stain on a friendship 2 – facilitator with two female students (2)

Stain on a Friendship 3 – Facilitator and 2 male students (3)

Some students will need benefit from lessons to explore foundational restorative concepts before you start the lessons in the Restoring Relationships program.


The following lesson plans explore these concepts:


    • What is Harm
    • Justice as Fairness
    • Accountability and Responsibility
    • Making things Right


It is vital that you consider this step before you start the Restoring Relationships lessons so that students have a scaffolded experience engaging with restorative thinking.