Our campus readiness tools will help prepare your organisation for restorative practices.

Restorative practices has the capacity to revolutionise your school and improve learning outcomes – but your efforts can come undone without appropriate preparation for implementation. Ready4RP has been formulated by specialists with decades of experience and success in the field.

Using our step by step diagnostics and process guides to engage your school community, you can begin to build a collaborative environment that is conducive to RP implementation.

  1. Engagement of key stakeholders that supports ‘voice’ and genuine involvement.
  2. A process that supports engagement using data for meaningful feedback.
  3. Data and feedback driven decision making processes.
  4. A process that recognizes relationship as the primary indicator of successful implementation.

Guidance and consulting from internationally recognized RP Professionals

We are Ready4RP consultants who have had extensive experience supporting organisations to navigate change processes. This Readiness process assists leaders to understand the relational‘state of play’ of their organization. We offer different levels of support depending on your organisations needs.

Sue Attrill has worked in education for 35 years as a Teacher, Leader, Advisor and Consultant. She is passionate about working with schools and teachers and has worked extensively assisting schools to build robust relationship systems. Sue facilitates training for educators in the areas of Positive Relationship Building, Restorative Practices and Circle Work. As the Director of Relationships @ School Pty Ltd, Sue continues to assist schools to develop safe and supporting learning environments.

Margaret Thorsborne is a restorative justice author, trainer and consultant with a background in education and counselling. She was a pioneer of, and played an important role in, the introduction of restorative practice into schools in Australia and New Zealand in the mid–late 1990s and has since trained conference facilitators in education, police and justice sectors across Australia, New Zealand, Britain, the USA, SE Asia and Canada. She remains involved in this important reform in schools. She is currently consultant to various state and national government bodies and agencies in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and the UK and has an office in London.

Beverley Turner has a background in Psychology and Change Management, and has worked in the field of education for over 25 years. She has held roles in UK, the US and Australia in the areas of Education Leadership, Teaching, Regional Behaviour Management Consultancy, and Change Management, where she held the position of Chair for the Queensland Chapter of the Change Management Institute. Her philosophical beliefs in supporting young people, are underpinned by Positive Behaviour Support, Trauma Informed Practices and a systemic approach to Restorative Practice. She is passionate about supporting schools using an integrated multi-tiered approach to ensure the best outcomes for the whole school community.

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Our consultants are ready to assist you to roll out your survey or we offer self-guided options. Ready4RP has been formulated by specialists with decades of success in the field.