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Prepare your organisation for restorative practices

Ready for RP?

Using our survey tools, in coordination with our experienced coaches, your
campus can be assessed for its readiness for the introduction of restorative
practice initiatives. 


Solutions for your organisation.

Ready4RP has been formulated by specialists with decades of success in the field. Our consultants are ready to assist you to roll out your survey or we offer self-guided options. 


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Genuine involvement of stakeholders in the process:

When the very people who are asked to make the changes are involved in the process of determining Readiness, the process becomes a relational one in and of itself. The feedback sessions regarding the data with stakeholders can be rich and informative giving genuine agency to all members of the school community.

Informed decision making:

Leadership and implementation teams are able to make decisions about beginning the Restorative process, or not, on data that is recent, accurate and informative.

Assessing school relational culture:

Leadership teams and whole school community have the opportunity to reflect on the state of their relational culture using the three surveys. This takes away the guess work about readiness.

The process of engagement has to model and mirror in a genuine way, the philosophy and guiding principles of Restorative Practice; that is, inclusive decision making, active accountability,repairing harm and rebuilding of trust (Karp, 2013) between the members of community involved in implementation

(Karp, David. 2013. The Little Book of Restorative Justice for Colleges and Universities. Little Books. Pennsylvania.)